Sumatra Mandheling Indonesian Coffee

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This coffee is from the northern part of Sumatra in the Aceh region where co-operative and small farmers sell their higher quality coffee beans directly to the processing mill. Our brokers purchase from the mill with our specifications of defects and bean size. Grade 1 is the highest grade of Sumatra coffee. Coffee is grown between 2,500 and 5,000 feet. Mandheling refers to the local tribe in Northern Sumatra and comes from a few different growing regions. Harvested May to October.

Taste profile: A lighter roast, nice earthy aroma, and "syrupy" type smell. Bigger body and "low notes" of coffee flavor—similar to dark chocolate. Syrupy mouthfeel—very little acid (when compared to Central American coffees). Good finish throughout as the body of the coffee really lingers in the mouth.