Jamaican Blue Mountain

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Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee

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Blue Mountain is one of the ten most sought after coffees in the world!!

Grown in the Blue Mountains of Jamaica -- the highest mountains in the Carribean between Kingston and Port Antonio -- the coffee has earned a reputation for being one of the smoothest, mild, flavorful, and lacking bitterness.  The climate of this region is cool and misty with abundance of rainfall, which combined with the rich soil and excellent drainage, is perfect for coffee.

The vast majority of the Blue Mountains is exported to Japan, thus making the supply scarce for the rest of the world, also making this one of the ten most expensive coffees. 

Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee is a globally protected with an international certification mark, monitored by the Coffee Industry Board of Jamaica, and certified as genuine before it can be labeled and sold.  

You will find this superb coffee silky smooth, very well balanced, mild taste, intense flavor, slightly sweet, and almost creamy.  It has a rich, full body, and lacks bitterness.