Ugandan Kapchorwa

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African Coffee


Another superb African Coffee varietal from Uganda’s Kapchorwa district, on the eastern border with neighboring Kenya.  This is an Arabica bean, grown by large groups of small farmers throughout the region.  In Uganda, coffee is the nation’s top grossing export, followed by tobacco and tea which are quite a distance behind in volume and value. 

Banana trees grow alongside this coffee, contributing to the 100% natural shade canopy, grown at 5,000 to 7,500 ft. altitude, and harvested between October and January. 

Spicy, citrusy acid and good body for an African coffee with an intense taste and strong flavors due in-part to the smaller bean.  A slightly higher acidity, typical of African coffees, but you will sense light, earthy, and even woody flavors, but in a good way -- different than Kenya and other Africans.