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African Coffee

       From the birthplace of coffee...


Ethiopia was formerly known as Abyssinia.  Ethiopian history claims that an Ethiopian goat herder know as Kaldi, first discovered coffee and it's magical benefits around 850 AD.  Legend says he discovered his goats eating the coffee fruit off of the trees and dancing wildly.   This makes Ethiopia the starting point for any coffee discussion.  

The original name for “coffee” was “Kaffa,” the name of the region where coffee was first discovered growing wild and natural, unlike all other coffee growing countries in the world. 

Our Yirgachefe coffee is a wet processed, washed coffee, not wild in taste.  Coffee from Ethiopia is known for it’s bright fruited and floral flavors.  Yirgachefe is a region of Sidamo, located in the Rift Valley of Ethiopia, in the Southern part of the country.  Yirgachoefes will vary season to season, as the different farm holders combine their crops.  Our brokers work with mills to seek out each season's best offerings.

 This coffee is "premium" in every sense of the word!