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African Coffee 

MEDIUM/DARK ROAST                                                                Limited Supply from current harvest.  

Our Burundi Arabica Bourbon coffee has quickly become one of our most popular in-store favorites.  We roast this coffee medium.  Another exceptional African coffee, Burundi is sourced from Rango, Kayanza, in the Kinyovu Region, where 3,800 farmer members contribute their coffee cherry, with more than 1,300 of them delivering directly to the washing station cooperative, and the other 2,500 bringing coffee to 13 collection points in the general vicinity.

While the Burundi and Rwanda appear similar in regards to varieties, processing, farmer profile, and history, they are practically night and day in the cup.  Our Burundi features sparkling acidity and an incredible complexity and diversity.  This superb flavor is only due to the unique terroir of the region, and the farming practices in that part of the world.

Burundi coffee is grown at an altitude above 4,000 feet, utilizes a washed processing, and has a syrupy sweet and big fruit acidity with a heavy mouth feel.  You taste sugar cane juice, lemon, cranberry, cherry, honey, and Chamomile flavors.