Costa Rica Premium

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Central America


Our Costa Rican coffee is an Organic Coffee, exclusive from a wonderful, multi-generation coffee familia in Heredia, Costa Rica. This coffee is grown in the volcanic mountains northeast of San Jose.  The coffee is wet milled in their private mill, and then stored (rested) in parchment until the exact time the coffee is ready for shipment, and then, and only then, the coffee parchment is removed, the coffee sorted, and prepared for shipment to us.  

This fantastic Costa Rican has crisp, clean, bright acidity, a good snap, strong aroma, hints of flowery (almost lemon) citrus and brown sugar nuttiness in the finish. 

The coffee is grown in volcanic soil at altitudes ranging from 3,000 – 5,000 ft., wet washed, hand sorted - mechanical and sun dried, and harvested between October and February.